JRC Board

1st ever true IoT deveopment board, Designed and Developed -proudly in Bangladesh.

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JRC Board comes with a lots of features. Find the configuration below.


– CPU: Xtensa Dual-Core 32-bit LX6  Microprocessor operating at 240 MHz and performing at up to 600 DMIPS.
– Ultra-Low Power (ULP) Co-Processor.


– 520KB of RAM (expendable to 8MB externally)
– 1024 locations for EEPROM
– 4MB of flash memory (expandable to 16 MB externally)

Capacitive Sensing GPIOs

– 1 × SPI
– 1 × I2S Interfaces
– 1 × I2C Interfaces
– 2 × UART
– All digital pins are compatible with an external interrupt

Wireless connectivity

– Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
– v4.2 BR/EDR and Bluetooth LE

Peripheral Interfaces

– 12-bit SAR ADC up to 18 channels
– 2 × 8-bit DACs (GPIO 25 and 26)
– 18 × PWM pins (Controlled by up to 16 channels)
– 7 × Touch Sensors


Trained Student

Empowering a community of 23,000 students through engaging workshops, hackathons, and diverse educational methods, the JRC Board is committed to fostering skill development and knowledge enhancement.

Our Inspiration



Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury, a distinguished figure in Bangladesh’s engineering community, played a pivotal role in the nation’s infrastructure development. Born on November 15, 1943, he excelled academically, earning degrees in Civil Engineering. His impactful career included leadership roles, expert consultancy, and significant contributions to IT. Prof. Choudhury, a visionary administrator, received numerous awards for his outstanding achievements. In June 2018, he was honored as a National Professor by the Bangladesh Government. He passed away on April 28, 2020, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire.

Our Team

Momluk Sabir Ahmed


Munir Hasan


Redwan Ferdous

Managing Director & CEO

Maherul Azam Koreshi

Director & CTO

Maharusa Momluk

Director & CMO


Winner of Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG)

The Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG) platform was launched in 2019 to honor the legacy of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. The platform provides grants, mentorship, and networking opportunities to startups and entrepreneurs across all sectors, promoting diversity and inclusivity. BIG is organized by the Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy (iDEA) project of the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) of the ICT Division of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in collaboration with other private and public sector stakeholders.

ASOCIO Outstanding Tech Company Award" at 25th World Congress

This award is given by the international organisation in recognition of unique contributions in the field of information technology. The company also rewards government and non-government organisations and initiatives in different countries for their achievements in information technology in various categories.

Computer Services Limited, Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Development of National ICT Infra Network for Bangladesh Government (Info-Sarkar), Boighar and Jatiya Shasthaya Batayan (16263) from Bangladesh have won this year’s ASOCIO award in different categories.


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